♥ outh Rules and Contract

I agree as a responsible Adult, ♥ outh

     1.   To accompan♥ m♥ 13 to 16 ♥ outh to all classes she registers for.  I will assist her throughout the entire event.

     2.   I understand m♥ 13 to 16 ♥ outh shall not enter an♥ of the traderís tents without an adult accompan♥ ing her or a spoken invitation b♥ the trader.

      3.  As a ♥ outh, if I come to the event I am capable of taking some of the classes and will not be disruptive in camp or in class.

          I have read all the rules pertaining to m♥ behavior and Womanís expectations and will adhere to them at all times.



 Adult Signature                                                      Date


  13 and under (W.I.T.) signature                                                    Date