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May 19th-21st, 2017 Classes
These seminars are to give you the knowledge to make the project later, with the materials and colors of your choice.  Our supply's in class may not be your color choice, but you do get the knowledge of how to do the project in a cost effective way so we can  keep the cost down.

Please Read each class description so you will know if it is something you want to learn or improve on.  Also by reading the descriptions you will have everything you need for you class and will not be disappointed y being unprepared.

Please keep checking back with us as not all instructors have decided what they want to teach this Year MOST OF OUR CLASSES ARE LIMITED IN SIZE.

The pictures that are with the descriptions are approximate examples of item's Due to hand made nature each will be different. Please note  Y $ ?  annotates an Age, Knowledge, Equipment requirement or an extra charge. If you have any questions please contact: 

Kim aka Comes Lately at 23-326-5420 or at


 Wonderful Activities


Pot Luck

Camp Fire

Chopped / Dutch Oven

Fry Bread

Daily Life Then




Basket Weaving ~ ~Ball Buster is at it again with her knowledge of basket weaving. New year new design. Supplies are  $15.00 and the space is limited.

Beading around a Stone ~  ~ Emilie will be showing how to take that favorite stone you have and making it something amazing. Don't have a stone not to worry Emilie will have one for you.

Birch Bark Box ~ ~ ~ Kim will have you making a square birch bark box that will be handy for putting your keepsakes in.

Blackwork ~ ~~ Rachael will be having you do this form of embroidery.


Bog Coat ~ ~ ~ Want to stay warm, but you don't want to wear a long capote? Let RaeAnn help you make an easier and less complicated alternative.  Bring a medium to light weight wool blanket or heavy yardage. Heavy Cotton or linen works well, too. Y Age 16 and up  To determine the yardage needed; Width is the largest measurement from wrist to wrist or around largest part of body.{whichever is largest}

Bonnet~,Bonnet.jpg ~ Debra will show you how to make a bonnet that she came up with and would like to share with you in this seminar.  What is really neat is that it is also a Apron.  If you have a Sewing machine you are welcome to bring it.

Book Making Single Signature ~ ~ ~Sherrie

Bottle Cover ~ ~ ~ Carries bottle cover will be made out of a sleeve of a sweater.

Candle Lantern ~ ~ ~ The lantern that Mindy will be doing is very compact and wonderful to use.

Canning ~ ~ MiMi~MiMi will be walking you through the steps to canning meat (Beef). She will only be doing one class that will be 3 hours and this class is limited to 15. She will be using a pressure canner and you will be able to take a 1 pint jar home with you. Please pay close attention to her safety tips.

Canvas Floor Cloth ~ ~ ~ Hawks Hawk is going to have you make a small floor cloth or covering for your camp, then you will get to paint it.

Cathedral Quilt Block ~Cathedral Quilt Block~ ~ Jo started us off last year with this beautiful hand sewn quilt block. If you were in her class last year please bring the blocks that you have made so far, didn't take her class, well here is your chance, if you like to do hand sewing please don't miss it.

Cherokee Flute/Whistle ~ ~ Irine~ Our Special Irene will have you making beautiful music on your very own, made by you whistle.

Clothes Pin Doll ~ closthes pin doll ~  ~ Victoria~ Sue with the help from Victoria will be teaching you how to make this wonderful Doll. Please bring embroidery thread if you have it and also, leather scissors.

Covered Hanger ~ ~ ~ Pat will have you tying knots around a hanger with yarn.

Drop Spindle ~ ~ ~ Jamie will have a drop spindle for you to use in the class or if you have one please bring it.

English Paper Piecing ~ ~ Debra C

Fire Starting~ ~ Linda will be showing you the technics of starting your own fire with a flint and steel.

Graces ~ ~ ~ Sarah & Jen are going to introduce you to the period correct game of Graces, and its more fun than graceful.

Knife & Hawk~ ~  ~ If you have a throwing knife & tomahawk, please bring them to class. We will have a limited supply available.

Leather Pouch ~~~Lynn

Long Term Ice Chest Packing ~~This is a seminar that Walk in Water will be giving. So if you ever wanted to go camping for more than a day or two here is your chance to learn a new trick for your cooler/ ice chest.

Lotion ~ ~ ChristyChristy loves her lotions almost as much as she loves her goats. She will be having you making lotion with her goats milk.

Macramé ~ ~ ~ Lynn

Mini Basket ~ ~ ~ Many Names is having you make this wonderful little basket that you will be very proud to say that you made.


Needle Felting ~ ~ Hucks Hawk will have you needle felting in no time. If you have a special piece of wool at home that you want to use you are more than welcome to bring it and if not she will have supplies in her class.

Needle Point ~~~Debra F

Nipper Pouch ~ ~ Always looking for something to nip the threads when you are doing needle crafts? Burning Blanket will show you how to make a quick and easy pouch with nippers to hang around your neck. You will always have your nippers handy when you need them. Y Ages 16 and up.

Off Loom Beading ~ ~ Two Antelopes~ Two Antelopes will be having you beading in the style that looks as if you had just taken our work off a loom. Please bring your scissors. No loom needed.

Pan Handle Cozy/ Knitting ~ ~ ~ Jamie will have you making a pan handle cozy, if you don't knit not to worry as she will be teaching those that want to learn. If you do knit come on in and make one. Also, if you want to bring your own knitting needle she will be using a 8 or 10.     

Pillow Case (A 3 year Project)~ ~ All of you Ladies that took part last year in this class please remember to bring your project from last year so that you can add the embroidery ~Ok ladies this one is really going to be a lot of fun. To start it will be a 3 year project and at the end for those of you that stick to it and do all 3 years we are going to have a contest and award the win with a prize. Ok having said all that this 1st year we have Wounded Dove helping you make your pillow case. 2nd year we will have someone show you how to embroider said pillow case and the 3rd year we will be edging the pillow case.

Pocket ~ ~ ~ Did you know that pockets were not sewn into early garments? Make your own pocket to wear with your period-correct clothing. Donna will help you get this handy item sewn together, and soon you will have a place to carry all sorts of items.

Pounded Copper ~ ~ Two Antelopes~ Two Antelops will be having you pounding copper in on time, come join the fun. Bring your ear pluggs if you have them.

Quill Pens / Writing ~ Two Antelopes~Two Antelopes Every wondered how the wrote in the Mountain Man era? They did it with Quill Pens and Two Antelopes is going to show you how to use this interesting writing instruments.

Ribbon Dress ~ ~ ~Smokin will show you step by step how to make a simple cotton ribbon dress. 3 1/2 yards of small print calico if you want to bring your own fabric. We have ribbon. Cost for this class is $15.00. You will need to know how to do basic sewing on a machine and please bring you scissors.

Rifle & Pistol Shooting ~ ~ ~Knee Walker is putting on 3 classes #1 Gun Safety which is a pre-requisite for the next 2 classes. #2 Rifle handling and shooting. #3 Pistol handling and shooting. I don't care how long you have been shooting you must take the first class to take the next ones.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery ~ ~ ~ Carrie class will be using silk ribbon instead of thread, what a difference.

Smudge Sticks ~ ~ ~ Donna will be helping you make your own smudge stick to help in removing negative energy from your home or space.

Stone Pendant ~ ~ Jen ~ Jenn will help you create a special piece of jewelry using a wire wrapping technique.

Sugar Cones ~ ~ ~ Running Doughs sugar cones are the colonial style and are not to be confused with ice cream cones. Her class is more like a seminar but you wont be going back to camp empty handed.

Sweater Bag ~ ~ Patty ~ Pretty Patty is going to help you take that old favorite sweater out of your closet and make it into a very hand bag.

Turtle Bag  ~ ~ ~ Broken Moon will have you working on this adorable bag in no time at all. There will be a charge for this class, not sure at this time what it will be, so check back and will update post as soon as we know.

Two Way Cape ~~ ~ ShortCake is going to have you make a cape that can be worn, long or short. You will need to bring a wool blanket and yarn for the edging. 

Wire Pin ~ ~ Jen~ Jenn love to work with beads and wire. She will walk you through the steps on how to create these wonderful pins.

Wire Wrap Pendent ~ ~ Jen ~ Jenn will have you wire wrapping around a stone so that you will be able to take it and put on a chain.

Woodland Ribbon Work ~ ~ Teresa ~ Morning Dove will be covering Woodland style ribbon work on a piece of wool and also you will learn how to do turned ribbon work. The only requirement is that you know how to hand sew.   This class is for ages 14 and up.

Wool Leggings ~ ~ Roxie ~ Roxie will help you make a pair of wool leggings, if you have wool that you would like to use please bring it along with you, if not we will have wool on hand.

Wool Moccasins ~ ~ ~Sparrow Hawk will be showing you how to make moccasins using wool during this seminar.  Measuring will be covered, bring your own leather if you want to make your own leather soles. All other supplies will be supplied.

WPS Orientation 101~ ~ ~ This is a very important class for all first time attendees to WPS. ShortCake will be taking you over the layout, procedures, rules, and expectations of the event. Bring your questions. Open to all attendees.

   If you are interested in being an Instructor please contact:             Kim aka Comes Lately at 253-326-5420 or at


2017 Wonderful Activities


A Social Event held in the Primitive Camping area. Our LADIES ask you to join them in friendly swapping of fun and conversation.

Camp Fire

The camp fire area is a very busy spot. Not only do we have a camp fire in the evening but this is the spot of many fun activities. This is where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Blessing of the Camp, and Evening socializing is and is not far from the potluck area, seminars and Traders Row (that's shopping ladies). It is the center of Primitive Camp. It is also a nice place just to sit and relax if the opportunity should arise.


We have a pot luck on both Friday and Saturday evenings. bring a dish, share a dish, is our motto.  If possible have recipe. We also ask that once the pot luck is over to make sure that your dish is picked up and if possible help to clean up the area so that we can continue to go on with the other wonderful activities of the evening.  The sooner everything is cleaned up and put away the sooner the fun can continue.

Chopped /Dutch Oven

Hear Ye Hear Ye

A new competition this year WOMEN"S PRIMITIVE CHOPPED

4 groups of (up to 4 Ladies) grab a basket with unknown ingredients to make a Main Dish. Beg , Borrow or use things from your own or others get your team and stuff together. More rules upon sign up. First 4 groups will compete

 Fry Bread Demo

  Many Shots will show you how she makes Fry Bread and hopes you stay around to sample the goods.

   Daily Life Then

Tea-hee-hee, Chickadee and Barefoot Annie are hosting open camp where they will be busy doing everyday things and welcome any and all to come and visit.  There will be some demonstrations, and some hands on opportunities.  Feel free to come by at any time to ask questions or hopefully learn something new.  They will post a schedule at the registration tent and strive to keep on time.  There will however, be some activities that cross several time slots.  This will be happening from Friday afternoon until Sunday Morning.


 If you don't want to participate that is ok, but please do come and enjoy the fun around the camp fire.